Free Online International Laughter Club with Dr. Kataria

Come and join the founder of Laughter Yoga clubs worldwide Dr. Madan Kataria for free online laughter session three times a week.

What is Laughter Yoga ?

Laughter Yoga is not a comedy, it is an exercise program. We don’t need to rely on jokes or sense of humor. We do intentional laughter as an exercise to begin with, which turns into real and genuine laughter when practiced in a group as laughter becomes contagious by looking at each other. You can try with your family members. So you can fake it until you make it. Even when practiced alone with willingness the fake laughter become genuine laughter without involving cognitive process.

Scientific studies show that our body can not differentiate between real laughter and intentional laughter, you will get the same health benefits. Physilogically, simulated laughter has similar cardiovascular and respiratory demands as spontaneous laughter.

Laughter Yoga Benefits

Good Mood throughout the day: Laughter Yoga can change your mood within minutes by releasing endorphins from your brain cells. This makes you feel good and if you are in a good mood you do everything well. It makes you cheerful all throughout the day.

    Strong Immune System: Laughter Yoga reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. If your immune system is strong you will not catch any infection easily.

    Improves Brain Function: Our brain needs 25 % more oxygen for optimal functioning. Laughter exercises can increase the net supply of oxygen to our body and brain which helps to improve efficiency and performance. You will feel energetic and can work more than you normally do without getting tired.

    High Emotional Intelligence for Success in Life: Success in life depends upon 85% Emotional Intelligence ( EQ) and only 15% Intelligence Quotient ( IQ) Research shows that laughter Yoga increases Emotional Intelligence.

    Develops Self-Confidence: Laughter Yoga exercises reduce inhibitions and shyness leading to more self-confidence in public speaking and other stage performances.