Yoga of Laughter

Yoga of Laughter

The Yoga of Laughing is based upon the concept that laughing is a natural and positive way to heal some sicknesses without the necessity to take drugs.

The yoga workshops of laughing are done as a group where each participant laughs without any obvious reason. While the body does not receive the benefit of the laughter, the mind is able to experience it. This allows the mind to relax and return to a state of peace. The Yoga of Laughing is not only good for the body but also for the spirit.

When you are practicing yoga, you should focus on the breathing exercise that you are doing. In fact, the Yoga of Laughing is based upon the breathing exercise that is called the pranayama. Pranayama means "breath". In this form of breathing the practitioner can inhale as much air as he or she can as then exhale the same amount of air. To practice Yoga of Laughing pranayama, you should have the right posture. The person that is performing the pranayama has to hold his or her chin up with the hands clasped together. Then the practitioner should inhale all the air in the lungs while closing his or her eyes.

Once the practitioner inhales all the air in the lungs, he or she should breathe in through the nose and exhale all the air out through the mouth. It is important to repeat the pranayama as often as he or she wants to maintain a relaxed state. At times it may even be necessary to do several pranayamas. If you feel that there is a pause in between pranayama, you can stop breathing for a few seconds to regain your breath. This is essential to do if you do not have enough time for the yoga practice. In addition, to make the Yoga of Laughing more interesting, you may wish to experiment with different techniques. The best way to learn yoga is by practicing and learning from others so that you will be able to apply these techniques in your own practice.

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